Front-End Developer M/F

Named a GreatPlaceToWork for the last three years, VirtualExpo is constantly evolving and is looking for a front-end developer to join the adventure!


Your responsibilities would include:


  • Participating in the evolution of front-end tools (evolution of the JavaScript framework on the front end, build/transpile tools, accessibility, etc.);
  • Guaranteeing the website’s optimization by following SEO recommendations;
  • Guaranteeing the quality of your deliverables by respecting Web norms and standards (W3C, WAI,...) and ensuring cross-platform testing;
  • Monitoring technological trends (progression of norms, new products,...);
  • Participating in the constant improvement of the websites.


You may also be required to work on other projects: web, responsive design or mobile app.


Required Skills:  


Fluency in French is essential.

You must have at least 3-4 years’ prior experience in development.

You must master Web integration, Chrome DevTools, app profiling, HTML tools and CSS.

You use full-stack JavaScript coding (object oriented, strict mode, ES6...) and you have been exposed to related frameworks/libraries such as React/Redux, Angular JS, Vue.js and jQuery.

You use tools to improve your productivity and the quality of your developments (Webpack, Git, Grunt, JShint/ESLint, Prettier...) and are familiar with unit and functional tests (i.e. Mocha, Jasmine, Jest, Chai, Sinon).

Responsive design is a practice you are familiar with.

You know how to implement design patterns in JavaScript and how to consume REST services.

Experience in a Java environment would be an asset.


You like technical challenges and have strong initiative.

You have excellent interpersonal skills and are dynamic and motivated.


About the Company:


Innovation, simplicity and efficiency are our company’s core values.

We are proud of our constant development and are looking for people who believe in our values to expand our teams.

Industry leader VirtualExpo receives over 9 million unique visitors per month on its websites:,,,,, and




€38-42K gross annual salary, profit-sharing, meal vouchers, works council, on-site gym, team and company incentives, occasional teleworking...





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