5/ Why do I see a chat invitation window on my screen?

In order to answer your questions, we have established a LIVE CHAT service on our ArchiExpo and NauticExpo portals. This service is currently available in French and English.

You will see a chat window on certain pages of the site. Depending on your question, your correspondent will be:

-       An enthusiast very knowledgeable about the area that interests you,

-       A distributor specializing in the product you have selected,

-       A VirtualExpo customer service representative whose only job is to find answers to 100% of  your questions!

Don't worry if none of the 3 is available. You can always leave us a message via the Messenger tool. We promise to get back to you quickly!


If you're not a "chat fan," you also have the possibility of sending a request directly to the manufacturer. It's easy:

- Go to the website and enter the name of the product or manufacturer that interests you in the search bar.

- Products corresponding to your search will be displayed.

- Click a product for more information.

- Then click one of the Prices/Quote, Question, Documentation or Where to Buy buttons to contact the manufacturer directly and receive the information you need.

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